Rebecca Kylie Law

The Sydney Opera House

You are so very old, bird,
so very near the water.

Angled limits of your body
showing a fullness
of form: credibly grace,
the harmony of drowsy thoughts
while you are still sleeping
and yet wake up
similar to a young person,
a lively child with a penchant
for the sun.

See how it likes you bird?

And the water from which you left
reflecting her contentment.

It is most interesting
to observe. Are you very tired, bird?
For I have walked all around you
a very small person and have
not been able to find your face.
It is your neck tucked under
your wings which cannot lift you–
Is this true?

I would like, very much,
when you are less tired
to see your eyes.
Are they very beautiful, bird?
Are they as beautiful as the sky?


L’Opera De Sydney

Vous sont tres ancien, oiseau,
tellement tres proche l’eau.

Angled limites du votres corps
montrant une plenitude
du forme; credibly grace,
le harmonie du somnolent pensees
alors que vous etes encore dormir
et pourtant reveiller
semblable de une tres jeune personne,
une vif enfant avec un penchant
pour le soleil.

Voir comment il vous aime bien, oiseau?

Et l’eau a partir de auquel vous gauche
refletant son contentement.

Il est plus interessant
pour observer. Vous etes tres fatigues, oiseau?
Pour j’ai marche toutes autours vous
une tres petit personne et avoir
pas ete capable du trouver votre visage.
Il est de votre cos cache sous
cos ailes que ne peut pas lever vous –
est-ce vrai?

Je voudrais, tres beaucoup,
Lorsque vous sont moins fatigue
Poir voir vos yeux.
Sont ils tres beau, oiseau?
Sont ils aussi beau que le ciel?

Rebecca Kylie Law has the following to say about “The Sydney Opera House”:  Jorn Utzon has long been a favourite architect of mine and I wanted to write a homage to one of his triumphs, The Sydney Opera House. It reminds me of a bird or swan. I wanted to write a poem I could translate easily into French because it is then, more exquisite.  Reading two French poets, Phillipe Beck and Michel Deguy before composing “The Sydney Opera House” was of tremendous assistance.

Rebecca Kylie Law is an Australian poet.  She holds an Masters Degree in Poetry from The University of Melbourne, for which she was awarded second-class honours, a Post-graduate diploma in English Literature (UOM), a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing (UOM) and a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art (RMIT).  Her poetry has been published in numerous literary journals both nationally and internationally in Spain and America.  She was recently short-listed for the Judith Wright Poetry Prize, 2012, was published on the Australian Poetry Centre web-site for “Poem of the Week” and online in Texas with Virgogray Press, edition: Nothing. No one. Nowhere.  She will undertake two residencies as a poet in Melbourne and Italy this year, 2012; and her first collection of poetry will be released in August, 2012 by Picaro Press.