Best Poem aims to publish a poet’s best, unpublished poem on the 1st and 15th of every month.  To qualify for publication, the poet must fit one of the following criteria: a) the poem has been rejected elsewhere for publication but still the poet feels strongly about its merit, or b) the poem hasn’t been submitted but is the poet’s current darling, favorite or breakthrough poem.  The underlying premise behind this mission is that sometimes poets know better than editors.

Subsequent publishing ventures will include:

  • An audio anthology, consisting of a collection of poems, three or four, read not necessarily by the poet.  Poems appearing in the audio anthology will be solicited from poets previously published in Best Poem.
  • A print or e-book publication of 3 or 4 poets.  Poets will be selected from those previously published in Best Poem.
  • A review section, where books, chapbooks, journals, readings and other literary events and conferences will be reviewed.